Why support us?

Procast is developed and maintained by a small team of Podcast fans in our spare time. We want to keep the app free for everyone, with no ads and also keep respecting your privacy - which means no data tracking at all (only crash reports). Furthermore, we offer free support in German and English!
In addition, running an app with 100.000s of users does incur some cost - mostly for the backend that powers Procast.

How do we spend the money?

The major part of your contribution will cover the cost of our backend. Our backend is built using cutting edge technology and can serve 100.000s of user with very little cost. Additonal money can be used to develop and run new features.

What else could you do?

Spread the word! Only a small percentage of users can or will contribute - the more people use & love Procast, the more we can keep improving it.
A five star review in the app store goes a long way and helps us to stay in the top charts of the App Store and in the Play Store for the Android version.

Thank you for your contribution!